October 1, 2014

Blogging. Day #2.   I feel the excitement building. I’ve had one person read my first blog. (Giant tidal wave of gratefulness to my sister in law.)   I can feel the crescendo of my literary greatness starting its ascent. Well. Okay. Perhaps not.   It’s the crescendo of frustration that I can not quite figure out the programming which, according to the online instructions, is simple and straightforward.   Yeah. Right. This is why you, my dear readers, may possibly raise a manicured eyebrow at the look and style of said blog for a week or two.    Bear with me please. Cue John Philips Sousa march in our heads. We blog forward.

Basking in the glow of managing to post a blog TWICE yesterday, I casually interjected the exciting news to my U.L.H. “usually lovely husband” as I was devotedly preparing a homemade dinner last night. (Tortellini: 8 minutes start to finish; throw in some pre-cooked chicken, chopped tomatoes & rosemary from garden, fresh mozzarella and sprinkle with parmesan. Voila.)

Me, “So. I started a blog today.”

U.L.H., carefully arranging face into neutral state, “Oh? Really.”

Me, “Yeah, isn’t it exciting?”

U.L.H., flicking eyes toward me in kitchen and then immediately back to news on TV. “Sure. Um. What do YOU have to blog about?”

Me, (slightly flustered) “Oh. Well. You know. Life stuff.”

U.L.H. “Well. Huh.”

Me (in somewhat huffy tone now) “Well blogs don’t have to be just informational; although sometimes mine will be. They can be, you know, amusing.”

Dead silence from couch.

Mental image of tongue sticking out and raspberry sounds being made towards couch from kitchen.

Silent sound of Dansko clogs stubbornly digging into kitchen floor.

We’ll see who wins this one.   I just blogged again didn’t I?