September 30, 2014

Well. Here it is. I’ve decided to write a blog.   Aren’t we excited?   Are you thinking that I am just another matronly woman hitting the keyboards and feeding into the banal existence of online reading material? Well, that is possible I suppose. But for my own sanity I’ve decided that my wit and wisdom need to quit swirling around in my head (in a voice that sounds suspiciously like Bridget Jones at times) and I need to blurt them out on paper so that I can sleep at night.   If the end result is that you, my lovely reader, find a bit of amusement or wisdom in my verbal spewing then my soul shall be uplifted and my heart a little lighter.     Life is not easy – but life does have little nuggets of humor hiding in the cracks and sometimes in our humdrum existence, a nugget of humor can make the difference between a good day and a blue day.   Oh – and don’t expect humor every day. I can be eerily serious about a whole slew of topics too.   Somebody needs to bitch slap around the grey matter in your brain and make you think about something outside your regular walls once in a while too.   So – like my cheerleader self from 5th grade Catholic School would say.   “Ready? Okay!”     We’re off.